Self defence is not a sport, it’s your health & wellbeing!  
We teach you what you need to know, what works, not what looks fancy. 
We adapt core principles from Master Martial Artists and select a range of tools that give results, not medals.

Our defence style is based on minimal effort - economy of movement - and harmonising with your opponent for maximum effect. 
We place value on the ethics of Respect, Fair Play and Honour.

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Don’t limit yourself to one style of martial art - Cover your bases.

YOU can do it!
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About Us

Manukau City East Heian (Hey-an) Dōjō was formed in August 2008 and is a privately owned club affiliated with Academy of Martial Arts Self Defence.  We encourage a sense of wellbeing and achievement in our students as they learn self confidence, self awareness, team building skills, fitness, flexibility and multiple self defence styles from certified black belt instructors in a safe, fun-filled environment.

Explore our interactive website (click on everything) to discover more about our clubs, students & philosophy & visit our Facebook page to view more images.

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Sensei: Mark Grogan
           3rd degree black belt

Dōjō: 105 Everglade Drive  
         The Gardens  Manukau 2105

Tel: 09 262 0303  Mob: 021 627 901


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