Colts 11 to 16 year olds

Cooper throw1
Cooper throws Semi
Cooper throw Rhianon 2
Cooper throw Rhianon
Kiri-Anne CSotY 2019
Colt student of the year 2019 plus grading cert
Blair armbar on Kirri-Anne
Rhianon and Mahavir
coltsadults4 sml
Little sisters grade to green
Isobelle and Jordan green_orange tab
Isobelle armlocks Jordan
Trae armlocks Jaynesh2
Trae armlocks Jaynesh
Jordan Armlocks Lyndon2
Jordan Armlocks Lyndon
Mon night colt adult class
Elysia performs kotegeishi on Sensei Mark
Shoulder throw from rear attack
Elysia performs a hip throw on Sensei Chantha Soth
Elysia completes a hip throw on Sensei Chantha Soth
End of a Tenshi Nage throw with tenkan
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Self Defence for all ages - Women - Children - Men - Groups - Private classes.  Registered Black Belt instructors only.  We teach what works.

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