Frequently Asked Questions


If you are unsure what type of Martial Art is best for you or your family the best thing to do is to come down early to a class and ask the instructor for a demonstration of the different styles and explain what the differences are between clubs.  Talk to other students or parents, ask what options are available at other clubs regarding self-defence, competitions, pricing, etc.


What exactly is Bu Jutsu?


Bu Jutsu is in fact Fighting Arts - as we cover many styles it would not be fair to say we are either Karate, Te Jutsu, or Aikido, or Ju Jutsu alone - we teach ALL aspects, hence the name Bu Jutsu, BUT you will find that all martial arts share the same basic core principles - a ‘harmony’ of a kind. Learning to harmonise with your opponent takes the 'fight' out of the technique - hence our name which translates: “Tranquil Way through the Martial Arts”


Where is the dojo - training hall?


Heian dojo is situated on Everrglade Drive, The Gardens - Manukau City but we also have an affiliated club in Sunnyside Domain at the Scout Hall, York Rd. in Papatoetoe, their addresses and maps can be found by clicking the JOIN icon.


What are the fees? Is there a yearly registration fee like sports clubs?


Heian dojo is affiliated with Ronin Martial Arts International - we pay a yearly subscription per student to be registered with Ronin Martial Arts Head Office which allows you to train at affiliated clubs and your rank is recognised at all clubs in NZ and Australia. There is an Annual registration fee of $30 per student which covers the cost of your membership folder and a portion of the fee covers affiliation fees.
Our class fees are based on a 10 class Pre-Pay As You Go concession card. Pre-Pay for classes and Click them off as you attend, like a bus ticket - no monthly fees.


What happens if I pay in advance but can’t come to class for a month?


If you have paid your fees card in advance we are very flexible. We will be happy to put your fees on hold or refund the remainder of your class fee credits. Understandably children get excited about joining something and losing interest very quickly so we make allowances for this also. We cannot refund your registration fee as this will have already gone to the head club. For a full list of Terms and Conditions click HERE.


What should I do if I get sick?


Ideally we are training for your health and wellbeing - if you are injured you may still come to class to watch. If however you have the Flu it would not be a good idea to spread yours germs on to other students. If your illness takes you away from class for an extended period ask your instructor about requesting a Fees Freeze or Credit on your return to class. Also we have many exercisies that can be done while immobile or even sitting down.


Can I just come and watch a class?


Yes you can come and watch a class - the first 2 classes are Free to join in - bear in mind that having such a wide variety of techniques and 4 different styles of martial arts we can’t teach everything in every class. You will often find that 4 classes in a row are completely different, so coming to watch one class may cover only 20 % of what we actually do.


Do I need to buy a uniform?


We are not here to make lots of money like some martial arts clubs. Initially you or your child may wear shorts or sweat pants and preferably a long sleeved sturdy shirt like a rugby jersey. Casual students or beginners can often train for 2-3 months before buying a uniform. Also we only have one belt which collects coloured tabs so no need to buy new belts each time you grade. The cost of the coloured grading badge is included in your grading fee. Some clubs expect you to purchase 10 belts before you reach black belt - we expect you to buy One! We buy uniforms direct from the supplier but you are welcome to purchase your own or buy second hand online if you wish.


Can I wear my old karate uniform from another club?


We don’t mind if your child trains in his old Judo, Karate or Tae Kwon Do uniform. We do however request that badges be removed or covered where possible - we are not here to advertise other clubs in our dojo nor do we condone slack uniform attire. Competitive pricing for uniforms is available through the club.


I have asthma and find exercise very hard - is this a problem?


Heian Do Bu Jutsu is a mixed martial arts style - therefore we can offer a broader spectrum of training styles that will suit you - we have had students with hip and knee surgery, bad backs, asthmatics, etc. we will develop individually where possible each persons abilities, please feel free to call and discuss any concerns, you’ll be glad you did!


I/my child already has martial arts experience - do we need to start from white belt again?


Being a mixed martial arts club we recognise other styles and teach many other styles techniques and are proud of that fact. Though we do have a set syllabus that we teach our students it is not uncommon for outsiders to join our ranks and escalate quickly through the grades if they have had other martial arts experience - indeed it has been known for students to even skip grades. Keep in mind that although you may be asked to start at the lower levels to prevent embarrassing situations with other students - it is the grading panel that ultimately decides who grades and when. For more on our grading system click HERE.


I can only make one class a week what should I do?


Fees are extremely flexible - should you only be able to make random classes our concession card is perfect for you - pay for a set number of classes and click off each as you go. though you may progress slower than other students there is no need to set yourself to a time limit. See our FEES structure under the T&C's HERE.


What is the best style for women?


For teens and older women we do encourage them to train with men as we are teaching self defence and more often than not women will be attacked my men not other women out in the streets. As far as our self defence styles go, Aikido and Te Jutsu are primarily designed for slim build people and is ideal for women - body shifting, evasive techniques, etc. are just as important as learning how to strike. It is possible to train and grade in just one style at Heian Do Bu Jutsu for adults if there is a particular style that appeals to you.  If you feel more comfortable training with women we do have many femals of all agaes in our club and even a female asssistant instructor.


What is the best style for young girls?


For young children it is not a great concern teaching boys and girls together - often we have found girls to be more aggressive than boys. Having said that what we teach is self defence - and our style is designed to use an opponents strength and weight against them. We also teach subtle techniques that work so well it is irrelevant how strong the person is - they just work! It is also import for young people to train with older students to gain self confidence and an affinity to realise that people are just people no matter what their age.


I am over 40 and not very fit, does that matter?


With such a wide varied selection of techniques in our syllabus we have something for everyone, from hand and feet striking, to rolling, throwing, secure arm and leg locks, to being totally relaxed and letting the techniques work for you. You don’t have to be able to kick 6ft high or jump over small buildings or break bricks. The advanced practitioner in fact eventually learns that the less you do - the better the technique works!  We have basic fitness requiremnts that are encompassed with each grading but you will find that the simple exercises that we do will, over time, improve your fitness and stamia on their own.


I don’t want to do push-ups, can I just learn self-defence?


Although all self defence classes require some basic physical fitness and ability WE ARE NOT A GYM, we are not here to get you fit but you will find that the light exercises that we do to condition the body and limbs will in fact help tone, over time, in their own natural course. We don’t expect you to do hundreds of sit-ups and pushups but martial arts does require basic physical ability and fitness to prevent injury to oneself. Our grading system does require you to complete a basic fitness test, to view our initial syllabus click HERE. If you have any concerns please call direct.

Also it is important to report in confidence any injuries you may have that will possibly affect your training, bad back, sports injuries, asthma, etc.


My child is not very outgoing and is often timid what can you offer?


Don’t put your child in a box full of cotton wool, children should not be scared of bigger kids or adults - at Heain Do we have been teaching children for years - martial arts is a lifestyle - it’s all about moving, co-ordination, working together. Your child will learn to have fun with the exercises and the games (yes we have lots of learning games too) and being competitive as an individual and as a team player. We have a very relaxed atmosphere - we adopt a lot of comic input into our training and teaching also. After all - although we are learning a martial art, we aren’t actually in the army.


I am a concerned parent - may I stay with my child while they train?


Yes - at Hombu - head dojo in Papatoetoe we have a large training area and indoor seated area - parents may stay and watch their child. At Heian the dojo is very small so you may stay for the first class if you wish but space is a premium.
We do ask parents NOT to coach their child or give instruction from the side - this distracts other children - also it is often important to let the student discover why a technique is not working or to let them practice until they feel what works best.


When and how often will I grade?


The first grading is generally after 2 months - depending on the students ability to learn, their comprehension, and their spirit. Early gradings are generally 3 months apart. Please also view Terms & Conditions for grading.


Do you teach nunchuku and shuriken?


We teach many weapons to higher grades - to learn defence against certain weapons we may teach the basic ‘use’ of these weapons, but weapons like nunchuku and shuriken are best left to the movies, they are an offensive weapon not defensive ‘as a rule’, we do teach knife, stick, bottle, gun and sword defence but only to higher grades.