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Colts grading day 1118 sml
Colts grading day 1118 sml

Haleigh Lyndon throw 1217
Haleigh Lyndon throw 1217


Colts grading day 1118 sml
Colts grading day 1118 sml


 Heian in Japanese means peaceful or tranquil and we adopt this attitude towards our training.  By harmonising with our opponent in terms of their distance and attack we can use their own energy against them.  We can overcome attacks by using a set of core truths found in all styles of martial arts. By learning and adhering to this core structure of rules we find that size, weight, height and abilty can be combated in various ways with the least amount of energy needed.

    Budo Bujutsu Ryu

- founded by Kancho Chris W. B. Nicholson, co-founder of Ronin Martial Arts International.
Head of RMA Australia Brisbane.


Budo Bujutsu Ryu was founded in 1996 by Hanshi Kancho Chris Nicholson and literally means Warrior Way, Fighting Arts School. Having had numerous instructors in various styles over their lifetimes, many of which have since passed on, he and and Kyoshi Kancho Dwane Morgan found themselves at a loss to find a club that was not engrossed in traditional teachings of one single style. No martial arts style encompassed a comprehensive range of all that they had learned, or wanted to continue to perfect, so having failed to find any club who instructed in a comprehensive style of martial arts they decided to become ‘Warriors with no master’ and pool their knowledge and strengths and begin their own mixed martial arts school.


Using their expansive wealth of knowledge of the various styles of martial arts lead them to the birth of Ronin Martial Arts - a 'ronin' being a masterless warrior of ancient Japanese history. Ronin, whose masters had died, who refused to follow in the political footsteps of a new leader, found themselves roaming the countryside as individual warriors lendning their skills to the highest bidder. Ronin Martial Arts (RMA) is a study of primarily Te Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu and Ju Jutsu combined. Taking the strict practices of each art and blurring the lines between to teach what is useful, and disregard what is useless.


In 2005 Kancho Nicholson emigrated to Australia and opened a new Bujutsu club in Brisbane.

By 2008 the study of it's basic principles and core truths lead to adopting a name change from Budo Bu Jutsu - way of the warrior, to Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu-  Way of Harmonising the Truths of the Fighting Arts. The key principles being - weight slightly forward, time on distance, control centre and harmonise with your opponent.

 Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu

Kancho Dwane T. Morgan who began Ai Shin Do Bujutsu NZ in 2001 is also co-founder of Ronin Martial Arts International and a student of Budo Bujutsu Ryu under Kancho Chris Nicholson (Aust).


Developing a strong connection to Chinese martial arts, even with his japanese karate background, Shihan Morgan found the harmony between the shared core principles of Chinese Te Jutsu and Japanese Akido broadened the scope of defence possibilities, though naturally lacking the ground defence systems. Adding Ju Jutsu and weapons or buki training completed a well-rounded mixed martial arts syllabus.


- forward by Kancho Dwane T. Morgan


"In order to study the Martial Arts in a well rounded manner, one must first understand that the Martial Arts are just that, an Art not a Science. Although science can be a great help in learning certain techniques that deal with the Biomechanics of the body, or the study of pressure points through Acupressure or Acupuncture, etc. And what of techniques to be learnt and taught... Techniques: Break Falls Elbows Grappling Joint Manipulation Kicking Knees Pressure Points Punching Pushing Restraints Rolls Throwing Trapping, etc Weapons: Bokkan Jo Kali Sticks Knife Nun Chuku Shinnai Sword Tonfa, etc.


Does any one Art teach it all?

Does any one Art have all the answers?

Does any one Instructor know all the techniques and applications?

Sadly, No

Those that are just starting to learn a new Martial Art will feel like a beginner, and those who have studied a style or styles of Martial Arts before will also feel like a beginner, as long as they are learning something new. The Martial Arts are forever changing and have been for centuries and will continue to do so as long as people study them, ask questions of them and challenge them and themselves to learn, study, cultivate and develop themselves through the Martial Arts. No two people are exactly the same, therefore everyone is different. Though until we understand this it will be consistently difficult to train people in styles or systems that are not designed for them. For true form has no form, true self is selfless, true expression is expressionless and a true Master is always a student.

  • A student of the Martial Arts,
  • A student of life,
  • A student of nature,
  • A student of his pupils,
  • But more importantly -
    A student of himself.

Martial styles Ronin Bu Jutsu draws from include:
• Aikido • American Wrestling • Boxing • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu • Close Quarter Battle • Iaido • Ju Jutsu • Judo • Kempo •
Karate • Kendo • Kick Boxing • Kung Fu • Modern Arnis • Sambo • Shoot Fighting •
Tae Kwon Do • Tai Chi Chuan • Wing Chun"

Heian Do Bu Jutsu Ryu

- owned by Sensei Mark Grogan.

After spending 4 years with the Chidokan Karate club Sensei M. Grogan has spent the last 15 years training with Ronin Martial Arts and opened a home dōjō in Manukau City East. Heian (Hey-an) Do Bujutsu Ryu (2015) was formerly known as Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu Ryu and was officially born August 1st 2009. It is a privately owned club affiliated with Ronin Martial Arts International and ASD Martial Arts NZ. Sensei Mark Grogan is a student and instructor at RMA under Kancho Chris Nicholson (Budo Bujutsu Ryu Aust) and Kancho Dwane Morgan ASD Martial Arts NZ. The school initially started instructing Ronin students on a weekend basis and began to adopt other students from there, eventually expanding classes to 4 days per week. 


Our adult classes cover a formula of techniques and theories from separate martial arts styles that eventually blend together to form stepping stones of understanding and advancement in our core style - bujutsu. These levels are taught and examined by our sensei and associated clubs. We pride ourselves on being a non-political dōjō and we share our theories and practice with other esteemed clubs such as the Institute of Aikido in Silverdale, Aikiway Aikido in Pt. Chev Auckland and Laingholm Jitsu whose top ranking sensei are held in the highest regard by our association.


The main driving force behind our Heian school for our juniors is to provide a focus on the younger generation who have become entrenched in the Silicone Age of computers and technology, to revisit the art of learning communication skills through both vocal, mental and physical interaction. We strive to reinvent these skills back to the children and adults alike in a safe fun filled environment. All our students will learn to interact with men and woman, boys and girls of all ages. We teach you to be independent, respectful but never fearful of any other person. We teach you to have faith in your learning, have faith in your abilities and you will show a more confident attitude as you progress.


The worst thing we can do to our children is ignore their basic need to learn and grow as young people. At the Heian Dōjō we help to give them the basic building blocks needed to survive in an ever changing society that becomes more complex and challenging with each passing year.

We help them to help themselves and others by being more positive, more outgoing and become young leaders for the future.


Sensei Mark Grogan
3rd dan - Ai Shin Do Bu Jutsu NZ

Ikkyu - Chidokan Karate Do

Nikyu - Jo Jutsu - ASDANZ