Grand Master Moriji Mochida
The Last 10th Dan

1885 - 1974


Moriji Mochida  Buki Jutsu


- Foreward by Mark Grogan:
Although we teach self defence against many weapons it is impossible to find an all encompassing master or an originator of any individual weapon. The study of martial arts weapons ‘buki jutsu’ included in our style include jo (short staff), bo (long staff) bokken (sword), knife and stick (escrima and kali). In searching for a Master to honor one of our five major styles we looked at the art of kendo - a pure enlightening art bordering on religion. Followers of this art dedicated their whole lives to the perfection of it’s understanding, it’s application, the mental awaremess of their opponent and a deep understanding of zanshin to a point of belief where the sword acted on it’s own behalf.

Swords have been around in various cultures in one form or another for millenia, so we looked at the last Grand Master of Kendo; Moriji Mochida who was the last  swordsman ever to be awarded 10th Dan in the art of kendo. Online video's can be found of the full bout between the Grand Master Moriji Mochida in black at the age of 70 against a 37 year old opponent in white. Impressive in the fact that he effortlessly defends against a flurry of attacks and again manages to evade and enter into his opponents killing space with such ease.


Moriji Mochida was born 1885 and died in 1974 at the age of 89. Moriji Mochida practised Kendo every day up untill his death. He fully devoted his life to “The way of the Sword” to constantly improve himself as a person and his skills. He was awarded the 10th Grade Dan for his unparalleled skill. Judan Moriji Mochida is considered one of the greatest kendo practitioners in history. He was a master of kendo and a recognised shihan. If you have seen the video then you will know that Moriji Mochida practised the basics of kendo for almost 50 years. He then went on to say how by age 60 the lower body weakens and by age 70 the whole body weakens. So how did Moriji Mochida make up for the weakness of his body? ...he trained his mind and spirit to incredible lengths further than his body ever could.

If we break down how Moriji Mochida practised his kendo we know that he practised the basics of kendo for almost 50 years.


“When you practise kendo for 50 years your body, just on reflexes alone, will react to every kendo move imaginable. You do not even need to think you just let your body move.”


Practising the basics of Kendo for 50 years meant he had gained so much experience meaning that it didn’t matter if his body weakened. With all that experience learned he then started to train his Mind and Spirit to limitless lengths.


“Now the body has a limit, it is called age, however the mind and spirit are infinite.”


When Moriji Mochida trains his mind and spirit he is able to project a massive pressure towards his opponents.